FAQ - Falls Escape

FAQ - Falls Escape

FAQ - Falls Escape

Do we have to book ahead?

We recommend you book ahead a few hours in advance but you can call to book as well. We cannot guarantee a game is available on a drop in basis but if we there we always do our best to accommodate you.

How old do you have to be to play?

We make some exceptions for minors call or email us your question but the game is generally good for 12 and older.

Is it Scary?

No, there are intense parts that get exciting.

How many can play a game at once?

All games are designed for larger groups and 8-10 is recommended at the most. 2 or less players is not allowed in the missions, 3 or more is better…and you definitely will not be allowed to play alone as some of the puzzles require participation of 2 or more people to be solved.

If I cannot make a reservation what do I do?

If you cannot make a reservation please notify us 3 days prior to your date. If you cannot we will retain a $50 processing fee. If you add more players this is fine!

Can I play with a health condition?

Some health conditions are more risky than others so if you have a severe heart condition, claustrophobia, epilipsy, are pregnant or have condition not allowing you to move around and moving low to the ground or up high it may be difficult for you to play or you can have the team mate do the task. Our staff reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason but ultimately you will have an amazing time.

Would the Game be better or fun drunk or high?

Mind-altering substances, will make game play much slower and less fun. You need to be alert and use your intelligence and creativity, dulling this down can make the experience not fun for you or your group. We also do not tolerate substance abuse and have zero tolerance attempting to participate while under the influence of any mind-altering drug other than caffeine or prescribed medication. Remember, our staff reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

What if I get scared and/or need to leave?

The game entrance door is the entrance and emergency exit. You can exit the mission at any time for whatever reason.

If it gets dark can I use my cell phone or lighter?

No, digital devices may not be used to aid your game, the game has items to help you and you are not allowed to take any pictures or video while in the game. Flammable items are not allowed anywhere near the facility as they can pose a threat to everyone’s safety. Lighting is part of the puzzles in many cases. If you need light we will give it to you during the game in some form.

How will you know if I am cheating?

We have cameras installed in the game room and we inspect the game as it progresses and if you are caught cheating your group will be removed immediately with no refund issued.

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