ONTARIO'S ULTIMATE ESCAPE GAMES  WHAT IS FALLS ESCAPE? THE MAKERS AT HAUNT MANOR HAYRIDES & HAUNTED HOUSES ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT THE NEWEST FORM OF INTERACTIVE & IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT . . . FALLS ESCAPE, ONTARIO'S ULTIMATE ESCAPE GAMES! YOU'RE LOCKED IN A SERIES OF ROOMS! WITHIN 60 MINUTES YOUR TARGET IS: ESCAPE BEFORE TIME IS UP! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes or an Egyptian tomb hunter or even an adventurer? Or have you ever thought how you would escape a maximum security prison or from a horror movie? Or become a spy and discover the codes to unlock a bomb and prevent world destruction? You are trapped with your friends, colleagues and even family and you must work together as a team to beat the clock. You have 60 minutes. Use your imagination and solve puzzles, crack codes and more. Solve mysteries that will help you escape. Do you have it in you? YOUR PERFECT VENUE: • Meet up with Friends • Team Building • One of a Kind Date Experience • Birthdays • Field Trip Experience
3 Different Themed Escape Rooms • 4-10 people per team. • Rooms filled with different challenges, puzzles, riddles and more!

     As an FBI agent you and your team are called to a bunker on Plum Island, an animal disease research facility, to investigate Dr Phillip Doxy.  You discover the bunker belonged to a devious scientist and NAZI spy that infiltrated this US government lab in 1943.  It was believed that at the time, he was quietly developing a weapon of mass destruction but the whereabouts of his secret lab was never discovered and the scientist disappeared without a trace more than 70 years ago.


      You quickly learn he was a lead developer in Atomic Weapon technology and that he planted a bomb in the lab! You have one hour to find the bomb and disarm it! Can you find it in time before he releases his deadly research on the world?


      Your objective, is to find and disarm the bomb in one hour and accomplish the Agent secret mission orders at all costs.  Will you accept?  This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...